The tab for taxpayers is coming due for the wild spending spree Democrats indulged in their first legislative session with full control this year, and it’s a doozy.

Not surprising at all, Gov. Polis’s favorite talking point, “free” kindergarten, needs as much as $100 million more in funding, the Colorado Sun reports.

And that’s not the only high-price items taxpayers will be expected to carry.

There’s $175 million for inpatient treatment for substance, plus $30 million for the children’s health insurance program, for starters.

And now that these clowns have overspent your money, they’re asking for your tax refund under Proposition CC in the November election.

“There were a lot of bills passed last (session) that have continued spending … and some of those were very large,” said Rep. Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo. “I don’t think we completely all truly understand what we have obligated ourselves to.”

That’s their excuse, our lawmakers didn’t understand that spending like drunken sailors has consequences. 

Democrats are blaming their own governor for low-balling the “free” kindergarten costs, some Democrats concede they share the blame because they accepted the number so they could spend big elsewhere.

To make their bills more attractive, lawmakers kept spending in the first year low and often pushed the cost into future years.

And still more spending is taking place now. On Friday, budget writers approved about $17 million in new spending …

Read about the mess here, and keep the whole financial fiasco in mind this fall when you vote on Prop. CC to let these financial wizards keep even more of our money.