Liberals are giving John Hickenlooper yet another hall pass on the global warming war and excusing his absence from the Senate candidate climate change forum in Colorado Springs on Saturday.

It’s the same excuse the so-called climate warrior offered when he missed the climate strike march on the Capitol — mysterious scheduling conflict.

The rest of the Democratic candidates are planning to attend, as well as two Unity Party candidates.

Hick really and truly believes “climate change is both the biggest threat and the greatest opportunity of our time,” he’s just can’t be bothered with the end of civilization and mankind on that particular date, his spokeswoman explained.

Doomsday aside, Democratic voters say climate change is the most important issue to them in the 2020 election.

Is Hick really so arrogant in his presumed front-runner status that he’s just going to sit out this election without making any commitments at all to his liberal base as to how he would actually govern?

Are Colorado voters really so shallow they will vote in lockstep for Hickenlooper without the slightest clue how he will represent us in the Senate, simply because the Washington establishment told them too?

It appears Hick is banking on exactly just that.