Michael Bennet’s presidential campaign is sending a lot of mixed signals this week, most of which are white flags indicating the Colorado senator is preparing to make his exodus. 

CNN tells us he’s in it to win it. 

The campaign’s not dead — at least until Iowa, or maybe the New Hampshire primary, and then all bets are off.

It’s the most bizarre set of contradictory statements we’ve ever read in the same story, all prompted by the fact Bennet is now the lowest fundraiser in the race with a measly $1.8 million in the bank and his polling average has stalled at 0.8%

From the same story:

“… The Colorado Democrat plans to stay in the race until at least the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 11.”

“I’m in this race to win the nomination and defeat Trump”

“The campaign will be in the race until New Hampshire because they are running a “lean, strong campaign” that has the “resources to compete and win.”

Or, he might not even last that long on a million dollars in fumes. 

The campaign’s expiration date reads “good by” the Feb. 3 Iowa contest, according to a campaign advisor.

“For him … the do or die moment is Iowa”

It’s sad when a campaign is in such disarray, they can’t even agree on a date to surrender. 

In other news, Bennet failed to qualify for the Oct. 15 debate.