Updated: Reporter Sharyl Attkisson tweeted the clip asking if it was a plant, and the Lyndon LaRouche PAC responded “it was us,” and that “only satire works.”

The woman has not resurfaced, yet for the first time ever, the media are taking the LaRouche crazies at their word they were behind it.

The New York Times when on to defend AOC’s response to the woman’s rant that humans can’t have any more children because it’s killing the climate, and her proposed campaign slogan for AOC, “Eat the babies.”

AOC was so measured in her response, so kind and earnest, the NYT glowed. Meanwhile, AOC questioned in another tweet whether the woman was mentally ill.

From our earlier post:

Here in Colorado, Democrat members of Congress hold teletown hall meetings over the phone to control who gets to ask them questions.

Then, Democrats blast Republicans for not holding enough town hall meetings in public, and for using security measures.

Thanks to C-SPAN, we now have a very real, and frightening look at the state of the town hall meeting format.

In this clip from U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Wednesday town hall meeting in Coronea, New York, her constituent says we must get rid of the babies to prevent climate change, by eating them.