John Hickenlooper was a no show at the Planet in Peril forum Sunday in Colorado Springs for U.S. Senate candidates, and the Democrats noticed.

How exactly did each of the candidates say they would save the planet and human race from the always-changing deadline for extinction?

Who knows?

What little media coverage the event garnered focused mostly on Hickenlooper’s absence. 

Of course Cory Gardner didn’t attend.

 The event was totally staged for leftists to preach their “End is Near” sermons, while the audience waved green and red signs that read “agree” or “disagree.”

By the way, those signs were made out of paper from the remains of slaughtered trees that could have saved us from climate change, you selfish hypocrites. 

But we digress.

Hickenlooper refused to explain his absence, but we’ve since learned it’s part of the “windowless-basement strategy” laid out by Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer, who has chosen Hick to win the primary.

Schumer’s marching orders for his handpicked minions are to shun grassroots events and outreach and instead focus on smile-and-dial fundraising, the National Review reports. 

“In order to secure the DSCC endorsement, John Hickenlooper had to agree to spend the majority of his campaign hiding from voters in Chuck Schumer’s windowless basement,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “The truth is out now, and it’s going to take a lot more than hiding in the DSCC basement for Hickenlooper to avoid his party’s toxic socialist agenda and angry base.”