There’s no stronger endorsement than when the Denver Post’s editorial board advises voters not to waste taxpayer money on a government proposal.

But the liberals in their ivory tower saw straight through the Democratic General Assembly’s attempt to keep our TABOR refunds, which will total $843 million by fiscal year 2021, and then spend it irresponsibly.

When ballots arrive in the mail this week, voters should check no on Proposition CC, because the education funding system is rigged, and the money won’t go to schools that need it the most, the Denver Post said.

Instead, funding will go to the larger districts with the most students, leaving rural schools behind. 

As the Denver Post observed: 

Creating an ever-growing fund of money that is outside the formula will only increase existing disparities.

So who are the organizations spending huge sums of money to pass Prop CC? 

The teachers’ union, obviously, they don’t care who gets what so long as it’s funded in the name of education.

Ironically, another group dedicated to “resource equity” that preaches every child should receive an equitable allocation of resources no matter their race, socioeconomic status, or zip code has already spent $100,000 promoting Prop CC.

If Education Reform Now was a truly legitimate group dedicated to its own principles, they would have spent all that money instead to defeat the measure.