U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette is on a congressional junket to Monrovia, Liberia this week with other House members including U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee of California.

The official agenda has them promoting lots of important-sounding ideas like transparency and accountability as they visit with the legislature of the West African State.

But it’s DeGette’s planned visit with embattled President George Weah and members of his Cabinet that piqued our interest.

We are most curious as to how DeGette plans to instruct Weah, a once-popular football icon who quickly lost the faith of his people, on strengthening their country and eliminating corruption.

Maybe she could advise him to stop newly printed money from disappearing, how to keep track of that other $25 million Weah ordered infused into the economy, charges of corruption, and a declining economy.

Maybe DeGette has expertise in dealing with angry hordes of protestors who take to the streets in protest.

Or perhaps DeGette merely jumped at the first excuse to avoid coming home to Denver to campaign for reelection against her primary challenger, former Colorado House Speaker Crisanta Duran.