We are positively basking in the bright light of hypocrisy that is Greta Thunberg’s climate tour, which burned up coal and natural gas as she made her way to Denver last week to preach what she most certainly is not practicing.

That’s right climate strike fans, your champion is a fraud who sailed to America on a sailboat constructed from petroleum products, aka oil, aka fossil fuels.

And now she’s crisscrossing North America in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Tesla 3 with stops about every 300 miles, so she can refuel the electric car with power derived from coal and natural gas as she climate strikes against, uhm, fossil fuel.

Thunberg’s arrival in Denver coincided with the announcement of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, which climate disaster overlords were certain would go to the young Swedish girl, and the American media had all but proclaimed.

But alas, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was instead awarded the prestige prize for ending a 20-year military stalemate with Eritrea after their border war.

In other words, Ahmed brought peace, not staged puppet shows.