To apologize for skipping the Planet in Peril forum and make up for his entire political career in the middle of Democrat Road, John Hickenlooper finally swerved far left into the arms of party radicals and promised zero net emissions in 30 years.

We knew you had it in you, Hick, we’ve just been waiting for you to admit you had surrendered to the radical liberal cause.

Hickenlooper transmitted his new commitment from the non-disclosed, windowless basement location, where party leaders have him shackled to the smile-and-dial fundraising desk.

Hick’s message was shamelessly published by The Colorado Sun as “opinion,” when it probably should have been labeled as an advertorial or political ad.

Last month, young people took to the streets, demanding that our nation and world confront the climate crisis head on.

And they’re right: climate change is the biggest threat of our time, but we can also make it the greatest opportunity.

Translation: The end of the world is near and human extinction is on the horizon, but let’s turn that frown upside down!

To get there, we must reinstate the Obama-era restrictions on methane, vehicle emissions and drilling on public lands.

But wait, there’s more.

Our approach to climate change must be international. That includes rejoining and going beyond the Paris Climate Accord, accelerating the implementation of the Kigali Agreement to phase out dangerous hydrofluorocarbons, and enforcing stricter greenhouse gas emissions standards in U.S. trade policy.

So there you have it folks. If there was any doubt before about Hickenlooper’s political leanings, he has now shown us the true way of his radical path.