Colorado Democratic Party Czar Morgan Carroll.

Turns out it’s not just the national Democratic Party who’s in the bag for John Hickenlooper’s direct ascension to the U.S. Senate primary throne.

It looks like Colorado’s Democratic Party chair Morgan Carroll is rigging their Senate primary election by censoring fellow Dems and denying them essential opportunities to even compete with the frontrunner.

We know it’s true, because it’s actually in the Denver Post.

Carroll has created a virtual safe space for Hickenlooper at all campaign forums, refusing to allow actual debate among the candidates, threatening them if they dare criticize the Chosen One. 

The party of transparency has forbidden the candidates, who are mostly unknown to voters, to livestream the event in order to bolster their name recognition, which is the undeniable challenge all of them face in the primary election against Hickenlooper. 

Carroll has single-handily shut down the democratic process, and the other seven candidates who are legitimately in the race alongside Hickenlooper are not happy about it.

“This is the only way we can hold each other accountable on the record to our policy plans, our backgrounds and our histories,” Lorena Garcia said. “It’s time to stop censoring candidates.”

In this fairy tale world Carroll is trying to create, candidates don’t run against each other. 

But faced with the reality of a tough primary and even tougher general election where there are no safe spaces, those same candidates are pushing back against Carroll.

What remains to be seen is if the Democrats will bust through Carroll’s rigged rules at the next event Oct. 20 in Montrose, stand up for themselves and their beliefs, and give Democratic voters a choice in the 2020 election as to which candidate is best suited to represent them, not party cronies.