Broomfield mayoral candidate Kevin Kreeger is refusing calls by his own supporters to drop out of the campaign in light of a growing list of past incidents that do not reflect glowingly upon his character.

We reported yesterday about Kreeger’s arrests for assaulting a police officer and having sex with a prostitute in the 1990s when he lived in Chicago, plus his bizarre pen pal exchange with a noted fractivist who called for violence.

Turns out Kreeger also has a record in Clear Creek County, where he admits he picked up a hitchhiker in 2006 and had consensual sex with her while he was married.

Here’s where it gets weird.

Kreeger says the woman he had consensual sex with was “crazy and unwell” and later accused him of sexual assault, according to the Denver Post.

“The file was sealed due to false and unfounded allegations against me,” Kreeger said in the statement. He did not elaborate on how specifically the case was resolved. There is no publicly available record of any 2006 case in Clear Creek County involving Kreeger.

If the allegations were false, and the woman was charged with making a false report, why would anyone want that sealed? Can folks just claim a report is false and magically make it go away?

It’s like a Hunter S. Thompson novel that just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Turns out Kreeger invited his political allies to a meeting at his home earlier this month and spilled the beans on the Clear Creek incident and prostitution.

How do we know all this, because his “political allies” went running to the Denver Post and blabbed, while calling for Kreeger to get out of the race.

One source present for the Oct. 14 meeting said people in the room were “visibly disgusted” by Kreeger’s retelling.

“I can’t imagine where I’d pick someone up on the side of the road and end up in a sexual situation with them, especially given the power dynamics in that situation,” the same council candidate said. “Maybe he was telling the truth, but I didn’t believe him.”

The Denver Post goes on to report: 

Present at Kreeger’s home for the Oct. 14 meeting were five council candidates and a number of campaign staffers — all of whom, like Kreeger, identify with Broomfield’s progressive, anti-fracking political wing. Sources told The Post that the candidates pressured Kreeger the next morning to exit the race, and that he told them he would think about it.

Kreeger thought about it, and instead of dropping out, accused the oil and gas industry for spreading this “campaign of disinformation” about him.

Not to beat a dead horse, but those are the same confessions about the arrests and sexual assault allegation Kreeger told his so-called friends, who then leaked it to the press.

Just saying.