The Democratic bandwagon went for a drive Sunday, and flipped John Hickenlooper clear off the back bed into a deep ditch where he was left covered in mud because he can’t decide whether President Trump has done anything to merit impeachment.

It was a cringe-worthy moment for Democrats, a momentous gaffe among gaffe’s the Colorado Sun captured on video during the party’s U.S. Senate candidate forum in Montrose. 

The question: “The audience wants to know by a show of hands, has Trump committed an impeachable offense?”

The response: Every Democratic candidate on stage raised their hands faster than a kindergartner needing a bathroom break.

Then the audience raised their hands, some candidates raised another hand, then a leg.

Hickenlooper just sat there looking like a deer in the headlights.

Both hands in his lap.

The moment is so uncomfortable the audience starts to laughs.

Finally, Hick throws up both hands and shrugs, appears to say “we don’t know,” drops his hands, then shakes his head, no.

Watch the video here.

At a normal political event, his opponents would have called Hick out to explain himself, but that’s not permitted at Democratic forums which have been rigged by Party Chair Morgan Carroll to protect Hick from criticism.

But after the event, the Sun reported this comment from rival Andrew Romanoff:

“It looked to me that John wasn’t entirely sure where he stood,” Romanoff said in an interview. “I saw him put his hand up. I saw him put his hand down. He did a little Hokey Pokey there, turn it all around. Then in explanation to those of us on the stage … he said, ‘Well, we don’t know.’ In other words, we don’t know whether Trump committed an impeachable offense.”

Share the video with all of your Democratic friends who are demanding Trump’s impeachment while supporting Hickenlooper for Senate. They’ll thank you for it later.