Dozens of protestors lined up to heckle hundreds of college-age voters who attended the Turning Point USA event with Donald Trump, Jr., Tuesday night at Colorado State University.

It was the usual song and dance: Trump is a racist, the organization hosting it is racist, everyone who goes is racist, blah, blah, blah.

The full report by Marc Sallinger at 9News caught our at attention because it went beyond the fighting and shouting.

Sallinger actually convinced a protester and attendee, both white dudes, to sit down and try and hash out there differences.

What we saw was an honest to goodness genial conversation, where both sides found ground to agree on certain matters.

Never mind that Sallinger was actually creating the news by arranging the impromptu sit down, which journalists who are sticklers for ethics and stuff would frown upon.

It was still compelling television, and a nice break from the usual reports on Trump events where reporters shout amongst the protestors into the camera about the violence and danger on the streets as two political sides clash.