Campaign trackers from both political parties have followed Colorado candidates for years to capture candidates on video making a gaffe, crazy claim, promise, evade questions, or just being rude.

Usually it’s the tracker’s video that gets all the attention. But this year, the media has been writing about one tracker in particular who works for America Rising PAC, which supports Republican candidates.

His name is Derrick. He doesn’t like giving his last name for obvious reasons. 

His job for the next year is to follow Democrat candidates for the U.S. Senate in Colorado.

That’s him on the left, in this article recently featured in the Denver Post.

It’s an enjoyable little piece about how some candidates have developed a joking relationship with him — Derrick’s even been mentioned in Democratic fundraising pitches.

Derrick seems like a pretty nice guy, doing his job, staying out of the way.

So we were surprised when this video surfaced, showing a Democrat attendee at a recent Montrose forum for U.S. Senate candidates being downright nasty.

The Democrat attendee called Derrick disgusting, and a mercenary for the Koch brothers who sold his soul. 

Not to mention the raspberry full of spit he blew into Derrick’s face.

Just FYI, this PAC has many individual donors, we don’t see the Koch name among them.

The Democrat later realized he made a mistake talking smack to a political tracker paid to catch people talking smack, so then the Democrat threatened him if the video was used. 

Which by the way, was taped in public, on a public sidewalk.

Here’s the video: