The state Republican Party is flooding Facebook feeds with a series of new ads urging voters to cast their ballots against Proposition CC.

You can view all five ads here.

The voiceovers are the same, only the share text on Facebook and the ad text is different. 

“Prop CC is a BLANK CHECK signed by Colorado taxpayers to expand government and increase wasteful spending. Stop the government money grab, vote NO on Prop CC!” reads the share text on one Facebook ad.

That’s pretty much the theme throughout the $1,400 ad campaign, which will appear on Facebook, YouTube and other digital channels, through Election Day.

From Colorado Politics:

The airwaves and digital channels are already crowded with ads on both sides of the question — a group opposed to Proposition CC says it’s spending at least $200,000 to put its message in front of voters, and a committee supporting the measure last week launched a “six-figure” TV ad campaign.

The Secretary of State’s office says 241,287 ballots have already been returned with registered Republicans taking a wide lead out of the gate: 94,786 Republican ballots returned; 73,313 from unaffiliated voters; and 70,321 ballots from Democrats.