U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner and 49 Republican senators have had it with Democrats jumping through hoops to avoid the official impeachment process in order to hold secret witch trials against President Trump.

The Republicans are supporting a measure calling on the House to halt their shenanigans and conduct the formal vote required to authorize an impeachment inquiry.

“I had hoped Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi would turn away from the sharp partisanship that has driven the House process, but she has not,” Gardner said in a statement. “I hope people will read the resolution and that everyone supports a fair and transparent process. This resolution shouldn’t be necessary, but when a serious investigation to get all of the facts turns into a political circus, it’s necessary to be reminded of it.”

Democrats started holding hearings to dig up impeachment dirt on Trump about five minutes after he was elected, and are now holding closed-door meetings, while publicly claiming they are conducting an impeachment inquiry.

The problem is, Pelosi won’t call for the official House vote, because she knows it will backfire on Dems and she’s apt to lose her majority, and her job.

U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, apparently having completely forgotten the American standard for justice, whined to Colorado Politics that Republicans have yet to prove Trump is innocent.

Yet it’s the job of the prosecution, i.e. Democrats, to prove Trump is guilty. Their problem is they have to keep changing the charges because they can’t find any proof.