The phrase “fake news” can be so harsh, judgmental and final. 

Perhaps it’s just a really slow news day, and mistakes do happen.

Like the Colorado Sun running with the perennial story about Democrats hoping desperately to win the 3rd Congressional District from Republicans.

National Democrats have vowed to try to dislodge U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District next year, calling his seat one of the party’s “top pickup opportunities.”

The problem with this lead sentence, is we can’t find any Democrat or anyone, anywhere, (except the Sun) calling Tipton’s seat one of Democrats’ “top pickup opportunities.” 

Google it for yourselves. We’ll wait.

The story links to a June Denver Post article that makes fun of an ad Democrats launched against Tipton earlier this year because his website was outdated. 

The story does suggest the ad may signal national Democrats might consider targeting the district, does not say it’s a top pickup opportunity.

And Democrats still don’t have a competitive candidate that presents a legitimate challenge toTipton.

It’s doubtful former state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush can do any better than her loss against Tipton in the 2018 election by 8%.

Rep. Donald Valdez isn’t much of a threat against Tipton with less than $15,000 in the bank.

Bush has a little more than $184,000, but Tipton has nearly $413,000 cash on hand.

Then there’s James Iacino, the seafood businessman from Denver who moved into the district about five minutes ago, declared himself a lover of all things Western Slope, and isn’t likely to catch fire.

If the Democrats really do think the 3rd Congressional District is a top pickup opportunity to invest party time and money, Nancy Pelosi truly is desperate.