Former State Rep. Rochelle Galindo spent $4,500 in campaign donations to reimburse herself for legal fees, but for which legal issue?

Galindo faced a recall election before she resigned amidst a police investigation into sexual misconduct.

Galindo claims the money was spent on legal fees related to her recall.

The problem is, the only court action filed during those early days of her recall went unchallenged by Galindo.

Additionally, a filing by the recall committee asking the court for a finding on whether out-of-state residents could be used to gather signatures went unchallenged by Galindo, Complete Colorado report.

Did she use the money instead for legal fees related to police investigation?

We don’t know, because Galindo reimbursed herself in three separate payments rather than paying the legal fees directly from her campaign account.

Sounds like a matter for the Secretary of State to investigate.