Gov. Polis is in India to learn about their clean energy (cough, cough) industry.

Don’t bother waiting up election night to hear what Gov. Polis thinks about the results.

Our state politician-in-chief hightailed it over to India for the week to lead a delegation of undisclosed private businesses to talk about investments in renewable energy.

Colorado’s media apparently weren’t told about the trip until the last minute, although we found it was disclosed by an online India news site in July.

The article said Polis was scheduled to participate in something called the Global RE-Invest Expo being held from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2.

A quick check of that website showed the expo was postponed until October 2020, so there was no pressing need for him to be in India during Colorado’s election.

No one here learned about the trip until this morning, when the Denver Business Journal published its exclusive canned quotes interview with Polis that boils down to this: It’s a trip with businessmen to meet other businessmen to talk about doing business together. 

The governor basically went along for the ride.

They will be in India for five days.

To, you know, talk business. 

Our favorite jargon babble was Polis trying to avoid talking about what businesses he will meet with in India:

“We’ve used a data-driven strategy that’s focused on investment signals that we receive through a proprietary database that says what companies within India are looking to invest in the North American market in a certain timeframe.”

Sounds like they just Googled a bunch of stuff.

Actually, the media probably could get in touch with Polis after the election results are in, by calling their own IT department that likely leads to an operator in India, who can patch them right through.