The Denver Post is trying desperately to have a last laugh over failed attempts this year to recall Democratic lawmakers, which was punctuated by the greatest recall hoax, ever.

That would be the recall flop where some yahoo fooled the media into thinking a legitimate attempt was underway to recall state Sen. Leroy Garcia.

The same recall effort the Denver Post reported had enough signatures to make the ballot.

The same recall effort that collected four signatures.

We were embarrassed for having believed the media reports and blogging about it ourselves, and were willing to let the humiliation fade into history with lessons learned.

But then the Denver Post tried to spin the whole saga again to blame the entire party for the fiasco of a few, and reported this:

Everyone knew gathering 631,266 signatures in just a few months to recall the governor was a long shot. 

The recall attempt of Greeley Democrat Rochelle Galindo barely got off the ground before she resigned in the midst of sexual misconduct charges from a former staffer.

In their eagerness to rub Republican noses in recall failures of four lawmakers and the governor, the Denver Post forgot the most important recall effort this year.

PeakNation™ will remember it well, because it was one of the Democrats’ greatest achievements in the 2019 legislative session, the first law that pissed everyone off prompting recall mania — the National Popular Vote Act.

That successful recall effort required 124,632 signatures, and organizers put it over the top with183,673 valid signatures.

The Denver Post completely forgot to mention that one.

It will be on the ballot for 2020.