Topping the list of useless polls is UC Boulder’s political climate survey, which just released a nothing burger of a survey claiming Proposition CC is too close to call.

PeakNation™ will recall the survey they took last year just prior to the vote on Proposition 112, which would have required new oil and gas setback requirements.

The survey said that race was too close to call, but claimed energy opponents were leading with 52% in support of the proposition, and 48% opposed.

They were completely and laughably wrong, as the prop 112 went down in flames losing by 10%, with only 45% support and 55% opposition.

Now that’s a sad trombone.

This time they’re claiming it’s too close to call, but there’s a 7% spread in their findings, well outside the margin of error.

Not surprising, 50% of those surveyed are against the Tabor question that would allow bureaucracy to keep more of our money.

Only 43% said they would vote for it.

The vote is heavily lopsided with Democrat voters, and fluffs up their polling question to sound more appealing.

Meanwhile, the poll says 62% favor Prop DD to legalize sports betting. 

We’ll all know by tomorrow.