Democrats were dealt a decisive blow with voters’ rejection of Proposition CC, yet learned absolutely nothing from this mistake.

Instead, Democrats are doubling down on their insanity and going full steam ahead with their campaign to completely repeal TABOR, reports Colorado Public Radio.

Liberal groups could try to roll back the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights or even repeal it entirely. Those efforts could include a greater focus on taxing higher earners. Some Democrats have floated the idea of replacing TABOR tax refunds with tax credits for low-income families, too.

Wow. Good luck with that disaster. 

One Democratic leader came so very close to understanding the signal taxpayers sent, and then dropped off the deep end.

“The message …  is that they don’t trust us yet with how we’re doing with the budget,” said Colorado House Speaker K.C. Becker, Prop CC’s main sponsor. “We need to make it transparent and easier to understand.”

It’s true taxpayers don’t trust how the Democratic legislature is spending their tax dollars. 

Admitting now you haven’t been transparent, is also a good start.

But the fact Democrats would move ahead the day after the defeat of Prop CC to start planning a measure to fully repeal TABOR, pretty much destroys any trust that was left.