U.S. Rep. Jason Crow is feeling a little insecure these days, ever since the national GOP painted that giant political target on Crow’s back that reads “Vulnerable Democrat.”

Crow was feeling confident enough to sign his name to a Washington Post op/ed in September along with six other freshman Democrats to demand impeachment hearings. 

Now Crow’s not so sure he made the right decision.

The freshman lawmaker just sent a massive mailer to his constituents— using taxpayer dollars — seeking reassurances he’s doing the job he should have figured out how to do by now.

“As I wrote in an op-ed earlier this fall, these allegations are stunning, both in the national security threat they pose and the corruption they represent.” Crow goes on to say, “I want to hear your thoughts on the ongoing impeachment inquiry.”

We put Crow’s actual words into our patented BS translator, and here’s what he basically said: “I joined in the pack attack months ago, but now I’m vulnerable for reelection, so I should probably ask what you think about what I did.”

Republican Steve House, who is challenging Crow in the 2020 election, thinks the Democrat is using the taxpayer paid survey to collect addresses for future fundraising letters.

We can see how that would be the first suspicion to jump to everyone’s mind. There’s no way to actually fact check that, but we’re going to give that suspicion a  “Duh!” rating for accurateness, because, duh.