Who didn’t see this coming?

Of the nearly $745,000 raised so far to pass the National Popular Vote referendum next year, 98% of the donations have come from Californians.

Why is California so vested in passing a Colorado measure that’s become so very unpopular among Coloradans? 

Because such a system would award Coloradans future presidential votes to whichever candidate the states with the largest populations support — like California.

And New York, where contributors have also kicked in nearly $1,600.

How much financial support is the ballot question getting from actual Coloradans?

Not much. 

The grand total of contributions is $2,145, and zero cents.

The Gazette reports a single donation to pass the referendum from liberal benefactor Stephen Silberstein, who kicked in half a million dollars.

For those keeping track, Silberstein supported Hillary for president, and is backing Elizabeth Warren this time around.

Meanwhile, Protect Colorado’s Vote is working against the referendum, to roll back the so-called popular vote law Democrats swept through the state legislature this year before most voters realized what was event happening.

The Colorado effort has raised more than $762,000 — almost all from actual Coloradans with a stake in the game.

Let’s hear it for the home team!

We’re going to hammer this point home until next year’s referendum — Californians want Colorado to vote yes, because it would give heavily populated states like the Left Coast, New York and Florida the sole power to elect future presidents based on the popular vote. 

That’s what the Popular Vote Compact does, whichever candidate wins the big states popular votes, that candidate will also be awarded all votes from compact state like Colorado, even if a completely different candidate actually won the Colorado vote.

To learn more about protecting Colorado’s presidential votes, click here.