Democrats are hard at work to increase our taxes, again, as soon as the legislature begins a new session in a couple of months.

It’s the taxpayer-funded family leave program they’ve already failed to pass five times, which they now say has enough support from lawmakers and Gov. Polis to launch.

To refresh memories, Dems want to create a new state fund to raid pay for 12 weeks of leave time for new moms and dads, time to care for sick babies or other relatives, and sick time for themselves.

We already have family leave time for 12 weeks, it’s a federal law, but Colorado Democrats wants workers and business owners who may never need the leave time to fund it.

Wait, let us rephrase — they didn’t need it before it turned into a paid three months leave. We predict rampant misuse — we’re already planning to winter in a South American villa.

But we digress with daydreams of leisure … 

Instead of every taxpayer and business being forced to pay for leave for a few, and it should be for the few, why can’t private businesses address this?

Why should the average citizen pay their entire career — 50 years — into a fund for three months pay? Can’t employers just offer paid leave time as an incentive? Offer their own matched pool that an employee pays into until three months of pay are acquired?

That just makes better sense.

Meanwhile, we’ll be planning a major family expansion and illnesses for the next decade, and reserving that villa.