The same movement of climate activists credited with electing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the U.S. House is now throwing their money and manpower into Colorado’s Democratic primary race for the U.S. Senate seat held by Cory Gardner.

No, they don’t have Gardner in their crosshairs.

It’s Democrat John Hickenloopers these activists are targeting, because, well — we’ll let Sunrise Movement Political Director Evan Weber explain:

“There’s a different way for Democrats to be running and to win some of these seats,” said Weber. “We don’t need to settle on the lowest common denominator.”

Hickenlooper is the Democrat’s lowest common denominator? That’s gotta hurt.

The group has instead endorsed Andrew Romanoff, because they believe he’s the only progressive in the race (who also supports the Green New Deal) who can win in Colorado.

Hickenlooper’s team isn’t commenting.

The climate activists say they will have five staffers in place here early next year, and plan to contribute a significant chuck of their $2.5 million into Colorado’s Democratic primary.

In addition to Colorado, the climate activists are planning to endorse in Democratic Party  being held next year in Georgia, Iowa and Maine primaries.