Instead of using his own millions to foot his defense bill against ethics complaints, John Hickenlooper’s lawyer is being paid with funds from the state’s September 11 account that was meant to help first responders and other security needs. 

So reports the Denver Post, which we distinctly remember is part of the mainstream media Hickenlooper publicly lectured for failing to defend him throughout the ethics investigation.

When Hick’s spokeswoman was reached for comment on the fact 9/11 funds have paid the legal bill to date, totaling more than $43,000, she completely side-stepped the issue and had the audacity to blame those who reported the ethics breaches in the first place.

She also reminded the reporter he had a duty to follow the editorial page lead in defending Hick.

“It’s disappointing that a partisan, dark money group initiated this process with what the Denver Post editorial board has called an ‘error-filled’ complaint,” said Melissa Miller, Hickenlooper’s spokeswoman. “They put political attacks ahead of the facts, and it’s at taxpayers’ expense.”

No remorse about the misuse of funds, no shame that first responders were being robbed of 9/11funds.

Hickenlooper, you see, is the victim in this nefarious plot.

Because if Hick had never trampled the rules of ethics in the first place, and if tattle tails had kept their mouth shut, then Hickenlooper would not have needed to raid the 9/11 funds.