Jean Lopez completely bungled her primary job to conduct fair and competent elections as Arapahoe County clerk and recorder.

She let partisanship for her Democrat Party interfere with her judgement, repeatedly.

Yet her greatest bungle was in mailing some 650 replacement ballots at rock bottom postage rates without bothering to check the delivery date — which turned out was Election Day.

That’s when postal carriers actually received the ballots, and the Post Office said they conducted special deliveries throughout the day to make sure the ballots were delivered before the polls closed.

So it’s no surprise the Arapahoe County GOP is calling for her resignation. 

The party’s central committee passed the resolution unanimously citing the loss of faith by voters in the clerk’s integrity and credibility, Colorado Politics reports.

The lengthy resolution listed grievances Republicans have been lobbing at Lopez since she ousted the Republican incumbent in last year’s wave election, including involvement for months after she took office in a partisan independent expenditure that calls itself “Hardcore Democrats” and distribution of a taxpayer-funded flier that urged resident to “Vote early and vote often.”

In response to the resignation demands, Lopez’s office issued what Colorado Politics described as a “defiant statement” boasting about the numerous successes she’s achieved since elected to office.

If Lopez considers her performance in this election a success, we shudder in anticipation of what the future holds.