The Denver Post unleashed a blockbuster of a story last week when they revealed John Hickenlooper’s legal fees in the ongoing ethics investigation are being paid for with 9/11 funding.

Then, the paper walked away from its own scoop.

We saw no follow-up with reaction from Republicans calling for an audit of that state account, which holds and disperses the federal 9/11 funds.

We saw no follow-up to the follow-up when Hick refused to respond to reporter questions about his use of the funds.

Turns out that instead of Hickenlooper’s response to his own scandal, the Denver Post was too busy writing an 800 word story about Cory Gardner ignoring attack ads from “dark-money groups” for the past month.

In case their readers didn’t see the negative ad buys, the Denver Post recounts each hit again, for free, then sums up the story explaining Gardner hasn’t responded, because it’s too early and a waste of money.


The Denver Post owns the story about Hick’s legal fees coming from 9/11 funds. 

Now for some strange reason, they’ve just thrown it away like it never happens.