What part of “no” did Democrat state lawmakers fail to understand when taxpayers soundly defeated Proposition CC?

All of it, which is why they’re scurrying about to find loopholes in TABOR to keep, and take more of our hard-earned tax dollars.

The Colorado Sun reports Gov. Polis wants another $69 million for free kindergarten, lawmakers want paid family leave for state employees, and a host of other big spending items are on their Christmas wish list.

“We’re in a really tough place,” state Sen. Dominick Moreno, a Democratic budget writer from Commerce City, told The Colorado Sun in an interview. “And I think it’s going to mean that there’s a lot more scrutiny on how we proceed, on what kind of policy changes we consider.”

In other words, they have no intention of reducing spending, they just have to be sneaky about it.

The plans disclosed by the Sun includes one option is to raise the TABOR cap by $200 million.

Our favorite is Democrats’ desire to reclassify the 22 cent state gas taxes as “fees,” so they can exempt that revenue from the cap.

Democrats could also raise “fees” on residents, which doesn’t require voter approval.

And they could also go back to the ballot and ask voters to repeal TABOR entirely.

It’s distressing that Democrats aren’t getting the message voters have sent them repeatedly with each ballot measure requesting blank checks for legislative spending sprees.

It’s time voters send them a message they understand, and vote them out of office.