Are you hoping to keep your Thanksgiving dinner a safe space for the family and avoid talking politics? 

Then you’ve come to the wrong place!

PeakNation™ doesn’t do “safe spaces,” and asking us to refrain from discussing politics is like telling us to stop breathing.

Politics can’t, and shouldn’t be ignored during Thanksgiving dinner with the family. 

This is a prime opportunity to sharpen your debating skills while humiliating and mocking those self-righteous and annoying relatives you never liked anyway.

With that in mind, here are a few of our tips for an enjoyable holiday dinner that no one’s likely to forget.

Switch the TV channel from the football game to Fox News, then wait for a relative to retaliate by turning the channel to MSNBC. 

Grab a beer and pull up a chair. 

Heckle, and laugh loudly.

Add to your host’s prayer by asking God to bless President Trump and smite the impeachment Democrats who are the Devil’s cronies. 

Show your giving spirit by bragging about all the money you’ve donated to charity since the Trump tax cut.

Hog the cheesiest part of the macaroni and the biggest slice of turkey while your opponent relative sputters and stammers about Ukraine.

Defend your bipartisan nature with fawning praise for Marianne Williamson, and explain why she best represents today’s Democrat Party and should be their presidential nominee.

If they back you into a corner, ask them where they were on 9/11, and who they’re voting for senator.