Impeachment hearings move to the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday where constitutional scholars will drone on with their opinions of what constitutes impeachable offenses.

Total snooze fest, but we’re hoping Republican U.S. Rep. Ken Buck will kick up some dust and ignite some rhetorical fireworks over what has so far been a drawn-out, dog and pony show for Democrats.

Also on the panel with Buck is freshman U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse, who vowed to support impeachment before President Trump allegedly did the things no one saw or heard, but everyone is speculating about wildly.

The president’s team won’t be present for the hearing, because they weren’t informed until the last minute and have no time to prepare.

No actual witnesses have even been announced yet, so the president’s lawyers would be expected to conduct a cross-examination while essentially blindfolded. 

Plus, President Trump will actually be at the NATO Leaders’ meeting in London on Wednesday.

When President Clinton’s impeachment went to the Judiciary Committee, Republicans at least gave the president’s lawyers weeks to prepare, along with a witness list.

But these Democrats, including Neguse, will afford no such opportunity for a fair defense.

And Democrats wonder why this whole fiasco is blowing up in their faces with the public?