With Michael Bennet’s chances for winning the Democratic presidential nomination hovering just below zero percent, the Coloradan took time out of his not so busy campaign schedule to tend to his senatorial duties back home.

Voters who elected him here to serve as their U.S. senator haven’t heard or seen him much of him on the job this year.

But Bennet snuck in to hold a town hall (his first in a year and a half) on that one day a year when no one is focused on politics — Black Friday.

We were shocked 300 showed up at the East Denver event, as Colorado Politics reported.

We were so busy this Thanksgiving holiday like the rest of Colorado, we didn’t even know about it, which was probably the point. 

At first, it sounded like Bennet was shoring up his support for when he has to come back in a couple of months and resume his reelection bid for the Senate job he’s supposed to be doing now.

Bennet pledged to vote to impeach President Trump, based on the “facts” he’s heard about.

“We have to do everything we can to defeat Donald Trump, and at the back end, we’ve got to come out and begin to be able to govern again,” Bennet said Friday, repeatedly telling the crowd that, “the most important thing we can do is get every single person in this country that is eligible to vote to vote.”

Turns out Bennet was mixing a little presidential politicking in with his Senate day job.

It will be interesting to see which campaign funds paid for his trip home to Colorado — his presidential, or Senate reelection fund.