Have you heard the news from Michael Bennet’s presidential campaign?

No, he didn’t bust through the 0.0 percent polling average ceiling in early primary states like New Hampshire or South Carolina.

So no, he’s not rejoining the other candidates on the debate stage.

The big excitement and buzz over at Bennet HQ that prompted them to alert the media: A couple of has-been politicos said something nice about him on a podcast. 

The kind words were spoken on the “2020 Politics War Room” podcast with Al Hunt, whom we vaguely remember from one of those 1990s cable news shows where all they did was shout at each other.

From Colorado Politics:

“There’s no United States senator that I would be as confident would be as good a president as Michael Bennet,” said Hunt, the veteran media personality.

Hunt’s record of prognostication, however, includes predicting in the Wall Street Journal that Jack Kemp would win the GOP nomination for the president in 1988, instead of Ronald Reagan’s vice president, George H.W. Bush.

Co-host James Carville, aka “Serpent Head,” as he is affectionately known by his own wife Mary Matalin, also said nice things, which is how the Bennet team managed to make this non-news seem noteworthy.

“He’s gonna succeed by his resolve, by his knowledge, by his depth, by his politeness, his humanity,” Carville said of Bennet. “That’s what people want.”

By all means, stop the freaking presses — Bennet’s a  nice dude, let’s vote for him to be our, uhm, neighbor. 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out, Bennet is so desperate for some sort of official Washington backing, this is the second time he’s used nice words from the slimy Clinton campaign strategist to suggest he has actual support from the Clintons themselves.