Following up on their fake proclamation the City of Denver had declared a climate emergency, the Sunrise Movement has since retreated to their safe space and natural habitat — disrupting government with sit-ins and protest songs declaring we’re all going to die.

Gov. Polis’s office was the target Friday, where their demands included a new Green Deal, fracking ban, matching  t-shirts, and … wait!

That green plastic bottle we spy on the corner table better be reusable!

The cameraman, spotting the forbidden object, zooms away quickly and cuts the video just before it’s shown again.

The potentially offending bottle was clearly removed for the reading of the demands in the next video, produced on a not-so-climate-friendly cell phone made with rare Earth minerals extracted through mining, and manufactured in smog-filled China.

Go Green!

The high school students were demanding a meeting with Gov. Polis, but he wasn’t in the office that day. No word on his whereabouts.

The Sunrise Movement is the official protest group demanding passage of AOC’s Green New Deal, and the same group that announces fake news of decreed climate disasters on faked official letterheads in Denver, and also at a Polis event in Boulder.