Cory Gardner’s experience in matters of foreign relations as a U.S. senator are unequaled, which is why Democrats are worried about frontrunner John Hickenlooper’s complete lack of qualifications in that field.

Well, except for the ethics commission investigation of Hick’s foreign travel, but that hardly qualifies.

So look no further, Democrats!

You have a new candidate who jumped in the race this week with a background in international relations and homeland security — David Goldfischer, University of Denver professor.

He teaches and conducts research on nuclear dangers, globalization and security, human rights, U.S. Middle East policy and threats to liberal democracy, according to his professional biography. His current research focuses on the role of “competing elite conceptions of U.S. world leadership” as well as U.S.-Middle East policy.

Hickenlooper had no comment, not even the customary “welcome to the race,” so we’ll do it for him.

Welcome to the race, professor! You’re late to the game, and have no money, but this would be the chance Democrats are always clamoring for to get a candidate unencumbered by donations. Right?