While everyone is in the Christmas spirit and totally ignoring the news, liberals are running amok with plans to kill the state’s flat tax and take more of our hard-earned dollars through a whopping 35 tax ballot measures next year.

The Colorado Sun reports, and everyone needs to read, the shenanigans of the Orwellian-named Colorado Fiscal Institute, which wants to jack up the state’s 4.63% flat tax rate as high as 9.85%.

It’s not fair everyone pays the exact same tax rate, they insanely insist. 

There’s not even any mention of what those 35 tax measures are needed to fund.

Liberals just want to fiddle with the tax system to take more money away from people, so the Democrat-controlled state legislature can make it rain on their own special interest groups to ensure their reelection in 2020.

Check out the story. It’s a veritable “Dear Santa” wish list of tax increase goodies for the left.