Tay Anderson was so generous to volunteer his time and devote his energy to educating children that he ran for the Denver School Board. 

And because it’s all about the children, Anderson waited until after he was sworn in to demand payment for “volunteering” his efforts, which are primarily focused on being the center of attention.

Anderson pulled his first publicity stunt before his first school board meeting even started, and just minutes after taking the oath of office, by refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. 

“I have decided not to stand because we need our leaders to have the courage to fight alongside communities in sending a clear message that we will not stand while white supremacy is thriving,” Anderson said.

“We will not stand while our country separates families and keeps kids in cages. We will not stand while Black and Brown people are being murdered by those who are supposed to ‘protect and serve’ our communities.”

Wow. We didn’t see that coming from a school board member.

A city or county government official or police chief, yes, state and federal lawmakers, sure, but the school board?

It would be laughable, watching Anderson sit there with his baseball cap on backwards wearing a Colin Kaepernick football jersey like a sullen child, if it weren’t for the example he is setting for the children he’s now charged with educating. 

Anderson wants our children to believe that white supremacy is not only thriving, but suggests the only way to stop it is to refuse to pledge allegiance to our flag, our country, and our God, to ensure liberty, and justice, for all. 

We would advise the Denver School system to focus more on reading comprehension skills and other basics of education and less on political activism.

And Anderson can forget about getting paid for this nonsense.