We’ve seen politicians take credit for a lot of stupid stuff — advances, accomplishments or even setbacks upon which they had absolutely no bearing.

But Gov. Polis takes the cake with extra sprinkles in claiming credit for $428 million coming to taxpayers in income tax rebates this spring. 

It’s a .13% one-time adjustment that was triggered by the Taxpayer Bill of Rights because the state exceeded revenue limits.

This would be the same kind of Taxpayer Bill of Rights refund Polis opposed, and Proposition CC failed to eliminate this year. 

Not only does Polis think voters are so stupid they won’t realize he had absolutely nothing to do with it, but that we’re so clueless we’d believe he suddenly supports TABOR.

“As governor, I hope to deliver an economy next year and the years beyond that produces tax cut refunds more regularly,” Polis wrote in a Colorado Sun opinion piece.

Say, what the Hell?

Even the Colorado Sun busted Polis for trying to pull a fast one.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for the governor said he “is grateful” for the 2005 law that put in place the temporary income tax cut, but did not directly address the conflict regarding his stance on TABOR.

This is the second time that Polis appeared to take credit for an automatic tax cut.

Polis and his staff is imbibing way too much New Year’s cheer if they think Republicans will believe these talking points.

And in case the governor has forgotten, his own Democrat Party is still trying desperately to kill TABOR.