The Town of Breckenridge is weaseling out of celebrating New Year’s Eve with fireworks claiming they don’t want to disturb wildlife.

We’re not saying fireworks don’t scare the devil out of many dogs and have been known to annoy the occasional cat. 

Especially when the Bumpuss family down the block gets 32,000 firecracker packs that require five nights and 60 hours to dispose of completely.

But Breckenridge isn’t talking about the effects on pets, they mean mountain wildlife, and they’re being politically correct hypocrites as well as party poopers with their excuses.

Exhibit A: What about all those explosive charges used by ski patrol to trigger avalanches, do they truly believe that doesn’t terrorize the wildlife? 

Haley Littleton, spokeswoman for the town of Breckenridge, said the Fourth of July fireworks were canceled due to concerns about fire safety as well as effects on the forest and wildlife.

“Because of this summer decision, council decided that they did not want to have fireworks in the winter either to provide consistency and to continue not to disturb our wildlife,” Littleton wrote in an email. “The town of Breckenridge believes that there are better options moving forward to celebrate these holidays that have less of an environmental impact.”

Fire prevention is a totally valid reason to cancel fireworks, and we’re not knocking cities that have banned fireworks because it terrifies Fido, this time.

Our point here, is if Breckenridge is truly concerned about wildlife, they would pull skiers off the mountain and allow the return of free-range avalanches.

Their decision to cancel fireworks has nothing to do with wildlife.