The board tasked with truth in titles for all those ballot measures that require our expert legal opinion every election will take up several initiatives Thursday that should make for fairly easy labeling.

Initiative 82, Tax credits for voting, would give a $40 tax credit to everyone who casts a ballot.

Also known as voter fraud, buying votes, and stealing elections — paying people to vote is illegal across the U.S., except for Chicago and Louisiana where the practice is widely celebrated.

We encourage the title board to make quick work of this item, and title it “Voter Payola: Forking over your hard-earned money to pay all those obnoxious idiots on Facebook you can’t stand to put down their phone for five freaking minutes and fill out their paper ballot.”

There is so much truth that needs to be injected into the title of Initiative 105 to make Election Day a state holiday, where to start?

We all vote by mail-in ballots, which should be mailed before Election Day, so it’s not like anyone needs time off from work to vote.

State workers already get more paid holidays and time off than most in the private sector.

There is absolutely no reason to bring government to a complete halt to watch election returns online beginning at 8 p.m.

This measure should be titled, “Giving state election workers holiday pay on that one day a year they are supposed to do their job.”

Initiative 106, vouchers for campaigns, is a fancy way of saying state employees will act as bundlers to funnel campaign donations from our tax account to election committee. 

Here’s our suggested title: