Who was drunkest New Year’s Eve when U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s resolution for 2020 was reported?

The candidate, the reporter, or the editor who somehow thought any of this story from ABC News made sense?

Shortly after midnight, Bennet boasted to the reporter his “New Year’s resolution is to come in the top three in New Hampshire and to do everything I can to beat Donald Trump and flip the Senate this year.”

Dudes, those are three seriously major, and completely different accomplishments — none of which Bennet has the power to achieve.

There are 15 candidates in the New Hampshire primary, and Bennet’s polling average is dead last at 0.0, according to Real Clear Politics.

Finishing in the top three isn’t a resolution, it’s delirium.

As for beating Trump or flipping the Senate, here’s Bennet’s secret weapon:

“A big part of that strategy is to do town hall after town hall and answer every question, like John McCain and others had done,” Bennet said.

Because that really worked so well for President U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Bennet did promise to hold 50 town halls before Feb. 11. But in New Hampshire, apparently “town hall” means gaining entry to living rooms to make a speech and shake 10 hands. 

Technically, Bennet’s only held four town halls.

Call it lazy, deadline driven, sloppy, or even biased, but there is no excuse for this kind of reporting.

The momentum, however, could stall while Bennet is off the trail to sit in a Senate impeachment trial. Bennet told ABC News he’s “not worried” about losing momentum because sitting in a Senate trial is “out of my control.”

“We’re going to keep doing this work,” he said. “We’re going to continue to be here. I obviously have to fulfill my constitutional responsibility, and I will.”

What momentum?!  Bennet is in last freaking place!

And how, pray tell, can Bennet continue to “be here” in New Hampshire, when he’s sitting in the Senate chambers in Washington, D.C. doing his part to defeat the president by voting to impeach him?

Someone had one Hell of a hangover on January 1.