What could possibly go wrong with House Speaker KC Becker’s pledge that when the legislative session begins Wednesday, Democrats will focus on making stuff affordable?

And how does government make stuff affordable?

With our tax dollars, of course!

Becker pledges to continue to drive down the cost of health insurance, which is already super cheap for people without jobs, who never get sick, or actually try to use insurance to cover costs.

Then there’s the payroll tax increase Dems want in order to give everyone state-run, paid family leave time.

And anyone who’s ever tried to get approved for unpaid family leave time knows how well that’s going to work.

Gov. Polis’s plans for a $5 billion tax district to fund passenger train service for the Front Range?

That’s not going to happen, Becker said.

No word yet on whether the legislature will take another stab at a child-immunization bill.

The one thing taxpayers can count on this year, Dems can’t possibly wreck as much havoc as they did last year by stealing our presidential votes and crippling the energy industry.

“We’re not trying to match last year, we just want to pass good policy,’’ Becker said.