It’s déjà vu all over again for the folks over at Colorado Rising who can’t take “Hell no” for an answer.

They got spanked two years ago when Proposition 112 for oil and gas setbacks was soundly defeated by more than 255,000 votes

Now they’re planning to run with the exact same ballot measure this year, spending millions in the process, and probably losing again by just as wide a margin.

In all, Colorado Rising has submitted six different setback measures with the Secretary of State.

“Last time we lost by a very small margin,” says Anne Lee Foster, Colorado Rising’s communications director. “This is actually the fourth time that we have attempted this. We’ve continued to build community power over the past decade.”

A very small margin? They lost by 10 percent, which is huge.

But hey, it’s keeping liberal activists employed and helping to pay off their $60,000 student loan debt for that degree in environmental justice.