Democrats came out of the state legislative gate Wednesday spoiling for a partisan fight.

In the Senate, President Leroy Garcia of Pueblo is still feeling all emboldened over the worst recall attempt ever, and has seemingly forgotten he’s up for reelection this year. 

 Republicans better not even think about using any of the legislative tools at their disposal to represent GOP voters, Garcia said during his opening day remarks.

“To those set on continuing their commitment to gridlock, let me say: Your efforts have been, and will continue to be, a fruitless endeavor … ” 

By gridlock, Garcia is referring to GOP efforts last year to temper the process long enough for lawmakers to find out what the Hell they were voting on, or have an actual conversation before measures were shoved through the legislature at breakneck speed.

As usual, Democrats can’t be bothered with debate or listening to others opinions. 

“Let me be clear, there has been a brazen effort to not only divide this chamber but dismantle it, from Washington-style political antics to pointless attempts to upend the will of voters,” Garcia said.

So that’s how Democrats plan to be all bipartisan this session — they pass whatever crazy bill that catches their fancy, Republicans just sit down and shut up.

And this was just day one. It’s going to be a long and lively session. We hope.