KUNC reporter Scott Franz this week offered a completely eye-drooping interview on Gov. Polis’s “ambitious agenda,” which reveals the governor has absolutely no ambition and very little agenda.

Simple question: “What do you think lawmakers need to do this year to get a family leave program passed?”

The Democrat leader offered no leadership, made no suggestion, or even pretended to care.

His answer, businesses should just have to pay for it. 

Spoiler alert: that means workers have to pay extra taxes to pay for their paid family leave. Just as well the Democrats will be rudderless on this one. 

Polis then accused “for-profit hospitals” of overcharging patients just so they can use that money to block Polis’s reforms to save people money on health care.

Polis went on to admit:

“I think everybody who was elected to this body, we hear from people that health care costs too much. I don’t think there’s any Coloradans who think they are getting a good deal because they are not. Whether it’s the high cost of prescription drugs, high cost of insurance, we really need to have a bold agenda for saving people money on health care.”

What is that bold agenda? Polis didn’t offer one. 

But it’s a huge step, doncha think, for a Democrat who claims to have already reformed health care, to be so bold as to admit none of the reforms actually worked?