Hell froze over early this legislative session with the leftists of left on the Denver Post editorial board telling Democrats in the state legislature to reverse their decision and audit the federal fund former Gov. Hickenlooper apparently used as his own personal slush fund.

PeakNation™ will remember Democrats quashed the audit request a few months ago of the post 911 economic recovery fund, after the Post revealed it was being used to pay Hickenlooper’s legal bills for his ongoing ethics investigation.

This was when Hickenlooper demanded the media should be defending him, and we got a little concerned when the Denver Post suddenly went radio silent, so to speak, about the scandal they uncovered.

But the Post wasn’t through with Hickenlooper. 

Another investigation by the paper, reported on Jan. 2 when absolutely no one was paying attention, revealed even more questionable spending of that fund by Hickenlooper, including “$20,381 to a state-owned aircraft; $33,900 to consulting firms; $13,385 to a firm for a website touting Hikcenlooper’s (sic) legacy; $5,000 to the Civic Center Conservancy for an official function; and $2,500 to a four-star hotel in Cherry Creek for an official function.”

So upsetting was this news to the Denver Post editorial board, they even misspelled the former governor’s name.

So now the Post thinks the Dems were wrong to block an audit of this account, and we so whole-heartedly agree.

Hick’s use of this taxpayer funds to launch his presidential campaign may not be illegal, but it is certainly shameful:

In December 2018, the last month of his governorship, Hickenlooper’s office used $13,385 from the fund to pay a marketing firm, Merritt+Grace, to design and build a website. That website, ListenHarderCO.com, told “the story of how Governor Hickenlooper” and his administration “paved the way for Colorado’s journey and growth,” Hickenlooper’s office said at the time it was created. But the site no longer exists — its license expired in December 2019 after only a year online.