State Democrat lawmakers are hatching a plan to save taxpayers a ton of money by eliminating security in the Capitol and allowing their liberal supporters to heckle and carry on from the gallery until legislative activity grinds to a halt.

How awesome is that?

Gov. Polis’s State of the Union address was apparently the test run for climate protestors to delay his speech and waste everyone’s time throwing childish temper tantrums and demanding the end of the world be formally declared. Or else.

Here’s the video, at the one minute mark:

Wait, those were actual children throwing temper tantrums.

Here’s how so-called adults practice temper tantrums free speech. 

Nearly 40 were arrested, but some Democrats think the disrupters should not be charged because their antics amounted to nothing more serious than a paper cut.

We disagree strongly and believe the protestors should be charged.

Republican Rep. Colin Larson of Littleton summed it up best:

“Do not assault the governor of this state from the balcony,” Larson said. “Do not assault your elected representatives on the street. Do not assault your neighbors because they are of a different political persuasion than you.”

That’s right. And put the climate toy back on the shelf.