Democrats are trying to stuff the genie back into the funding bottle, acknowledging the rascal should never have been allowed to escape and waste all that federal 9/11 money during John Hickenlooper’s watch.

But as Hillary Clinton was fond of saying, the past is the past.

There’s no need to investigate, examine, bother with polite inquiries, or in this case, conduct a simple state audit to account for how millions more in this fund was also spent. 

Democrat state Sen. Dominick Moreno of Commerce City is a recent graduate of the Hillary School of Thought.

“We can certainly debate all day whether (Hickenlooper’s spending) was an appropriate use of funding —  that’s a valid debate,” Moreno said. “My concern is really more about what is the scope of all these funds and how can we make sure we get a better handle on them.”

Moreno plans to introduce a bill that we expect Dems will use to take the spotlight off Hick’s spending habits, requiring Gov. Polis to disclose how millions of additional dollars tucked away in numerous other federal accounts are being spent.

Also known as a bait and switch. 

Then there’s Andrew Romanoff, one of Hickenlooper’s challenger for the Democratic U.S. Senate primary election.

He told John Frank and Shuan Boyd that Hickenlooper should welcome the audit and all transparency in government, because that’s in the taxpayer’s best interest.

But the last time we saw Hick speaking publicly about anything having to do with the ethics investigation he’s under, including this fund that’s forking over $500 an hour for Hick’s defense lawyer, the former governor was demanding the media also be acting as his defense team.