It turns out Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is a huge fan of the 40 activists who were arrested for protesting Gov. Polis’s State of the State speech, and we’re pretty sure he offered them all a job.

It’s not clear whether they will be paid by Bernie or expected to work for free like the good little socialists we presume they are. 

We’re just excited at the prospect of Bernie having to shut up while his audience listens to, and applauds protestors who interrupt and bring all his events to a screeching halt.

It’s like Christmas all over again.

All snarkiness aside, what continues to be troubling about this whole incident is the acceptance and encouragement by grownups that this childish behavior is the proper way to affect public policy.

Whether it’s a tweet from a presidential contender, insistence by Democrat lawmakers no charges be filed against lawbreakers, or the Go Fund Me page for the protestors to pay fees and fines for breaking the law.

Throwing oneself to the floor in a public hissy fit should only work for children demanding a McDonald’s Happy Meal instead of some rancid apple nut and sun butter sandwich.

The only way to stop Democrats from are raising this generation to act like spoiled children, is to give them all a public spanking by voting them out of office.